I have been thinking a lot lately about who I am, about the way big life events have changed me over the course of several years. There are so many pieces of me, so many fractions of what make me up. I am a mother to a beautiful almost three year old full of life and energy. I am also the mother of two children in heaven, and I am grieving. I am the wife to a man who puts up with my crap and loves me through it all. I am minister working with those in need. I am a working mom seeking the balance between it all. I am the wife of a pastor. I am a daughter, sister and a friend. I am well educated, smart mouthed, sarcastic and stubborn. I am type A and struggle to let go of control. I am a creation of God, who tries daily to accept the grace, mercy and love poured out on me. Most of all, I am far from perfect and a work in progress.

All of these pieces somehow fit together to make me who I am. Through this blog I hope to explore the chaos of life. Everyone of us is busy, everyone of us is composed of different pieces. How do we make them all work in unity? How do we keep the balance? How do we not beat ourselves up when we fail?

Well, in the middle of it all, I am determined to breathe, to keep going, to live life fully and find beauty. To stop being so hard on myself, to allow room for God to move, and to be present to what is around me.


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